FINALS NIGHT  -  Wednesday 14th August 2019


As you know this year's finals will be held at Fords Bowls Club with a start time of 5-30pm (or earlier) if all players are available

There is ample parking at Fords BC, the entrance to which is in Aldborough Road South (IG3 8HG). 

The match for 1st / 2nd place will be between Romford (who beat Aldersbrook 7-0) and Wanstead Central BC ‘B’ (who beat Wan Cent BC ‘A’ 4-3, with the last wood of the game)

The match for 3rd / 4th place will be contested by Wanstead Central BC ‘A’ and Aldersbrook BC

Congratulations to all 4 squads for reaching the finals.

Dress will be Greys / Club shirts and scoring will be as normal (2 points per rink and 1 for overall score). 

In the event of a tie (3.5 each), an extra end will be played by all 3 rinks...the result of the end to be the decider NOT shots scored.

Following completion of the matches a buffet reception will be available and soon after the presentation of awards will begin. 

These will be made by Phil Taylor (Cribbs) together with the committee handing out the prize monies.

Can I take this opportunity to remind ALL Clubs of Rule 5(w). 

It is only with the support of T. Cribb & Son that our League can continue to survive so I believe it is incumbent upon you all to show your support to them on this evening.

See you on 14th  !!