WEEL Triples League – Rules 

(Revised November 2018)



(a)    Clubs may apply to enter more than one team into the WEEL and may be allowed to do so as long as there is space available to accommodate that entry. The following rules will apply

1.       Teams from the same club will be allocated to different divisions

2.       No player may represent more than one team from a club in any one season

3.       Rule 2 will be self-policing, but if it is later discovered that a club has broken this rule, the management committee reserve the right to sanction the club concerned

4.       If a club has two home fixtures on the same green at the same time, the rinks allocated to each team must be adjacent




(b)  Only bona-fide paid up members may represent clubs.

(c)   No player may represent more than one club in any League season.

(d)  Clubs may field up to a maximum of three ‘Guest’ Players in any one match. 

‘Guests’ may be

1.       Ladies from their own club or 

2.       Ladies / Gents  from another club

 (e) Any ‘guest’ players must be 

1.       Registered with their host Club and their relevant County Bowling Association. 

2.       Registered, albeit on a temporary basis, by the Club they wish to represent.  

3.       Rules 2 (d1), (d2), (e1) and (e2) are solely for the WEEL Triples League and do not create a precedent for competitions under the control of Bowls England, any County Association or sub-groups thereof with respect to all competitions under their jurisdiction


NOTE: If a club intends to include Ladies, it is considered courteous to inform their opponents in advance wherever possible


3          FIXTURES

(f)  Fixtures will be played as shown in the annually published League Fixture list with a 6pm start time April to July and a 5.30pm start, or earlier if both Clubs agree, in August.  

(g) All fixtures MUST be completed before the final day of the League Season as published in the Annual Fixture list.

(h) Exceptions

       (1)   Green declared unplayable.

       (2)   Due to unforeseen circumstances, by either Club, being unable to fulfil the fixture.

(j)  In the case(s) of Rule (h) arising, Clubs may request a change of date, if mutually agreed and subject to complying with Rule 3 (g).The League Secretary may not allow the change of date unless the alternative date for play is notified at the time of the request. 

All negotiations regarding fixture changes must be transacted either by email or text and copied at the same time to the league secretary

(k) No Club will be allowed, under Rule 3 (h2), to re-arrange more than two (2) fixtures in any one season.        


(l)  Any Club failing to comply with Rule 3(k) will forfeit all 7 points and a 10 point penalty for each fixture not played. Their opponent(s) will, in turn, be awarded all 7 points and a 10 shot bonus.

(m) A match will normally consist of 18 (eighteen) ends on all rinks but, should circumstances dictate and by mutual agreement of both match captains, may be concluded by fewer than 18 ends but not less than 15 on all rinks.

(n) No two’s up but they are allowed to visit the head before delivering their final bowl. Skips may only visit the head once per end.

(o) To constitute a match at least two rinks must play. The Club failing to provide all three rinks will concede 2 points and 10 shots per rink.

4          MATCH RESULTS

(p) Each winning rink will be awarded 2 points. A drawn rink will result in each side being awarded 1 point. The team accruing the highest number of shots on all 3 rinks will be awarded a further point. In the event of total shots being tied a half (1/2) point will be awarded to each Club.

(q) Match results, including abandoned and/or postponed matches are to be telephoned, emailed or sent by text detailing individual rink scores to the Divisional Secretary either on conclusion of the match or by 12 noon the following day.

(r)  Scorecards must be agreed and countersigned by skips and retained by Clubs until the end of the League Season for checking in the event of any dispute.

(s) Should a Club drop out of the League during the season all matches involving that Club will be cancelled. Those Clubs that have played the defaulting Club will have all points and shots deleted from the League records and all matches played will be declared null and void.

 (t) The Divisional winners will be the Club having gained the most points throughout the season. In the event of two or more Clubs having the same number of points the following methods will be used to determine the winner (in sequence) 

1.       Best shot difference

2.       Best shots scored

3.       Aggregate of the games between teams in the same group (points and then shot difference)

4.       Best results away from home – points, then shots scored

5.       The drawing of lots, overseen by the League management committee



(t)  Following the conclusion of the League Season a competition will be held to decide the overall League Champions.

(u) The top two teams from each division, together with the best two third-place teams, will be invited to take part in this competition.  In the event of two or more runner up Clubs having the same number of points Rule 4(t) will be applied.

(v) Should any Club invited to attend the League Play-Off competition be unable to do so the League Management Committee will have the power to invite a replacement Club to take their place subject to meeting the requirements of Rule 5(u)

(w) It is expected that all participating clubs shall be represented at the presentation after the final matches. If any club fails to attend the committee reserves the right to withhold any prize monies due